MLHEP2020: introductory challenge

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    • MLHEP2020: introductory challenge

      In this challenge, the goal is to compute the sum of two first columns of the given dataset.
      The motivation behind this simple task is to provide you with the general idea of how to participate in Coopetition contests.
      In order to submit your solution, please follow these steps:

      1. Register at Coopetition, with the same email you have on github or authenticate via github website;

      2. Fork baseline repository;

      3. Follow these instructions to enable automatic solution submission. The {Competition_id} equals to 99, you can always check it in URL;

      4. Fix the file at your local copy of the repositoty and push it back to github. The submission should be processed by coopetition automagically;

      5. Have a look at the coopetition leaderboard. There you can find the solutions of others that may serve as a good source of inspiration.

      Good luck!

    • Evaluation

      Your submission will be evaluated using Mean Absolute Error function. Speaking in Pythonese: 

      from sklearn.metrics import mean_absolute_error
      def scorer(solution, prediction):
          return mean_absolute_error(solution, prediction) 
    • Rules

      Results must be submitted before the 2020-07-30. You may submit 100 submissions every day and 1000 in total.

    • Data

      The dataset contains two integer-value columns separated by tab ('\t') symbol.


  • Make your submission using github

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