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    • ReResearch #1

      In this challenge we ask you to sum up three columns of the dataset.

      The aim of this challenge is to provide you with the general idea of how to participate in Coopetition contests. 

      In order to submit your solution please follow the instructions below:

      1. Register in CodaLab, with the same email you have on github.

      2. Fork baseline repository and following these instructions to integrate your repository into the pipeline.

      3. If you want to see solutions of others checkout leaderboard of a competition to find a submission which might inspire you. Good luck!

    • ReResearch #1: Evaluation

      The submission will be evaluated using MSE metric.

    • ReResearch #1: Rules

      Results must be submitted before the 2019-10-14 20:09:00+00:00. You may submit 100 submissions every day and up to 1000 submissions in total.


    • ReResearch #1: Data

      Dataset contains three integer columns.




      starting_kit public_data
  • Make your submission using github

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