Andrey Ustyuzhanin

Director of laboratory of methods for big data analysis

Dr Andrey Ustyuzhanin is the director of the Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis at HSE. His team participates in several international collaborations: LHCb collaboration at Large Hadron Collider as well as an experiment under design - SHiP (Search for Hidden Particles). His group is unique for both collaboration since the majority of team members are coming from Computer or Data Science world. The primary focus of his research is the design and application of Machine Learning methods to improve fundamental understanding of our world principles. Discovering the deeper truth about our Universe by applying techniques of data analysis is the primary source of inspiration in his lifelong journey.

Evgenii Gadeev


Software Development Engineer with over 8 years of software engineering experience. Passionate about backend development, with strong frontend skill and interest in Data Mining. Utilizes Python for backend development and JavaScript for frontend. Strong knowledge of modern web standards, mainstream technologies, optimization tools, guidelines, and code-quality requirements.